K & J 

Are Getting Married

16th May, 2020


     Jordan first locked eyes with Kennedy on the first day of school in grade 7. A friendship was formed at that moment, something inherently special and unique. It might not have been exactly a fantasy-like 'love at first sight', seeing as it took Jordan until high school graduation to finally work up the courage to ask her out - but in the end - it turned out to be something much better. 


  Jordan and Kennedy got to grow up together. From those amazing teenage moments of mischief, adventure, even those 'sitting a little closer than usual' moments, to the awkward, challenging, puberty-stricken years, Jordan and Kennedy experienced the turbulent years of Juniour High and High School side-by-side.  As each of them became stronger, more mature, and more sure in their identity, their closeness and authentic friendship grew as well. When Jordan finally asked her out that spring afternoon, moments after picking-up after his dog (yes - romantic), the ensuing relationship was a natural extension and progression of their relationship. 


     Kennedy and Jordan love spending every moment they can together. They love working creatively together, trying out new coffee shops and cocktail bars, they even ran a business together. They've laughed, bickered, cried and loved alongside each other. When Jordan finally proposed that spring afternoon, six years after they first started dating (and several months after Kennedy had made her own engagement ring) marriage seemed like a natural progression in this lifelong love story. Now, Jordan and Kennedy invite you to join them in this exciting next step - where they will commit themselves to one another, that fateful day in seventh grade will finally get the fantasy it deserves.


The Ceremony

2:00 pm
Doors open at 1:45 pm
Convocation Hall 
116 St & 85 Ave
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E6
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The Reception

5:00 pm - Cocktail Hour
6:00 pm - Dinner & Reception
Old Timer's Cabin
9430 Scona Rd NW 
Edmonton, AB T6E 3W2
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Parking at the university costs $5.50 for the day. We recommend the Eduction Car Park, Lot 87, or Lot 89 (by Hub Mall). The Old Timer's Cabin hosts a large parking lot.

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